Excess Packaging I Still Consume

I’m writing this as a companion to my “Tips on Reducing House Hold Waste” post.  This is meant to be a little accountability corner for me to admit that I haven’t figured it all out, and there are areas that I cave to convenience.  And though I have taken some steps to improve my consumption of plastic and packaging, I still have a ways to go.

 *If you have any suggestions for me please leave them in the comments below! I’d love to see any solutions to these problems, or just to commiserate in the areas where we may we fall short, and to share what we are still learning 🙂 

Things That I Still Buy With Packaging (that I know I probably shouldn’t):

  1. 2L jugs of non-dairy milk.  I still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of making my own nut milk yet.  I even have the cheesecloth bags to do it, I just haven’t yet… But I will, I swear!
  2. Containers of Organic Greens.  This one is bad!  Even though I live in temperate Vancouver, B.C., in the winter, the greens at the grocery store look pretty sad.  Also, I tend to be a bit lazy with washing and picking through them when they come in a bundle, so instead I opt for buying the containers of baby greens that have already been picked through and washed.  It’s sad and embarrassing to admit because I know this is a pretty large amount of waste that’s totally avoidable.  But there ya go.  In the spring and summer months, this problem is eliminated because I buy all my produce from the farmer’s markets.  Either way though, I’ve got to work on this.
  3. Bags of frozen fruit.  I’m not sure what to do about this problem.  I suppose this summer I could try to buy a bunch of berries from the market and freeze them myself in my own freezer bags.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Chips and ice cream.  Ok, this one is pretty hypocritical considering I wrote in Tip #8 to make your own treats.  But here’s the truth:  my boyfriend loves chips… Like a good ol’ bag o’potato chips.  So we tend to buy those everyone once in a while.  And another confession:  I just found out that Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream is sold in CANADA!  You have no idea how happy this made me!  Honestly, I wish I had my reaction on tape when I saw them in the freezer section for the first time, it was pretty hilarious.  So, that said, I do buy a pint of ice cream here and there… about once a month… if you know what I mean (haha).
  5. Tofu, vegan sausages, vegan cheese.  I don’t really know the way around this one.  I guess the answer is usually to make it myself?  I’m not sure… I would love to find a place that sold these without the plastic, like a traditional deli kind of situation but all vegan!  How great would that be!?  And I could bring my own containers or reusable bags, and everything would be hunky dory.  But alas, no.  Suggestions?
  6. Household cleaners, soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.  I recently found out about a place in Vancouver that sells all of these items in bulk, which is amazing!  Unfortunately it’s really far away from our place (like a bus, a boat and a train trip away…) BUT, I do plan on making a special trip over there so we can transition to adopting a more sustainable method of acquiring household cleaners.  I suppose the simpler solution (again) would just be MAKE IT MYSELF!  Agh, sometimes the simplest solutions feel like the toughest endeavours.  Anyway, I’ll get there, I’ll get there.



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