My Fave Podcast: Health and Wellness

Listening to podcasts has become one of my favourite past-times over the last five or six years, and truth be told, I listen to a lot of them!  Since I have spent quite a lot of time listening and discovering my favourites, I thought I would share them here.  To avoid writing a daunting dissertation outlining each one, I’m going to write separate posts based on a specific category.  As you’ve seen from the title, here I’ll be writing about my favourite health and wellness podcast, and in later posts I’ll cover my favourites in sex and relationships, comedy, business and entrepreneurship, and beauty and lifestyle.

My favourite health and wellness podcasts is One Part Podcast

One Part Podcast:

One part podcast

The host of One Part Podcast, Jessica Murnane, named her podcast after the movement she started: One Part Plant.  This began years ago when she worked with chefs in Chicago to create at least one plant-based meal on their menus.  It’s sort of hard to imagine/remember what is was like, like what restaurants don’t have at least one plant-based option on their menu?  Well, even just up to a few years ago, many restaurants didn’t cater to vegans or plant-based people.  One Part Plant has evolved into her podcast, website, newsletter, and cookbook, to encourage everyone to eat one plant-based meal a day.  Why?  Because going plant-based can change the trajectory of your health, your life and maybe even your career (as it did for Jessica).  The impetus for making the change to a plant-based diet began after years of suffering from endometriosis.  Jessica was scheduled to have a hysterectomy when a friend suggested she try eating a plant-based diet as a last-ditch effort to avoid surgery.  Despite her skepticism, and much to her surprise, it worked!  Quickly after changing her diet, her symptoms lessened to such a degree that she no longer needed to have the hysterectomy.   Moreover, the quality of her life significantly improved as she wasn’t in nearly as much pain from the endo.  Since then, Jessica has been championing a plant-based diet.   Besides being a podcast creator and host, she is also the author of the very unique and approachable One Part Plant Cookbook and she has created the website Know Your Endo – a platform for Endometriosis awareness, support and education.  This woman is inspiring to say the least, and I could listen to her talk all day, but let’s get to the show!  One Part Podcast is formatted with 10 episodes per season, two seasons per year, and has over 100 episodes to date – there are 113 episodes at the time of writing this.  In the past season alone she’s covered a vast array of topics, with episodes such as LGBTQIA+ and Open Relationships with Bethany C. Meyers, Applied Empathy with Michael Ventura, and Hypnosis 101 with Grace Smith.  Some of my past favourites are interviews with plant-based leaders, creators and cookbook authors Lauren Toyota of Hot For Food, Dana Schultz of Minimalist Baker, and Laura Wright of The First Mess.  I also loved the many episodes with S.W. Basics’ Adina Grigore on skin health and essential oils, and the interview with Dr. Judith Orloff  about sensitive people and empaths.  Jessica’s most controversial interview to date is with Dr. Gundry who discusses the dangers of “healthy” foods and how some people are effected by lectins!  While scrolling through the episode list, I’m reminded of ALL the great interviews she’s conducted, and the wonderful guests and ideas she’s introduced me to.  I can’t stress enough that I’ve only scratched the surface here.  Other topics include: caring for aging parents, medical marajuana, child abuse, adoption, living with cancer, women’s reproductive health, sober curiosity, business and entrepreneurship, and much more… While it is a little reductive to call her podcast simply a Health and Wellness podcast, I believe her approach to wellness is so holistic and inclusive that it reigns supreme when compared to others that fall in a similar category.  Please let me know if you’ve listened to this podcast and what your favourite episode is!








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