30 Day Social Media Detox

How many challenges can I start at the same time?!  I am currently two weeks into my 50 day No Spend Challenge with my friend Karen, two weeks from finishing my 60 Day Yoga Challenge (what started as a 30 day challenge with my friend Josh) and onto begin a whole new challenge.  From Dec. 1st – Jan. 1st I am going to do a Social Media Purge and Detox with my friend Nathan.  As of the evening of November 30th, I have deleted Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Depop, and Youtube from my phone.  I have kept Facebook messenger app so I can stay in contact with people, but besides that, all other forms of social media has been removed.  Please let me know if you’re trying to limit the time spent on social media and if you’d like to join us in this detox!  We’d love to have you as an accountability partner! 🙂 Comment down below to let me know your experience or your goals with this challenge and keep on reading to find out my criteria and what I’m hoping to get out of 30 days with limited social media.

Here is the criteria for this challenge:

  • I can post on Facebook to promote my blog posts from my computer.
  • I can check my notifications on Facebook up to once a day from my computer (but no mindless scrolling)
  • I can watch videos on Youtube on my computer like I would TV Shows, but only two videos a day or up to 30 mins, whichever comes first.

What I’m hoping to get from this detox:

More productive and focused time.  The biggest thing I am hoping to get out of this challenge is more time to do other things!  I know that I use scrolling through Instagram or Facebook as a means of procrastinating or wasting time when I’m bored and don’t feel motivated to do something else.  I also have the bad habit of opening up Instagram right when I wake up,  before I’m ready to get out of bed.  I groggily turn off my alarm and start scrolling through to see what I “missed” and then suddenly the first 30 mins (or if I’m honest, sometimes 60 mins) of the day is gone!!!


Less temptation for consumption. We are so bombarded by advertisements and paid sponsorships via social media, so I am hoping that limiting my exposure will lessen the urge to shop, especially during the Holiday season when consumerism is at an all-time high.

More time reading.  My plan is to read a book in bed instead of scrolling through my phone in the mornings.  Even if I lie in bed for an extra 30 mins, as I normally would with my phone, I will feel more productive and more “on” if I’ve been reading a physical book, as oppose to the captions under a selfie or a status update.  I also have started making more of a concerted effort to bring a book with me on my commutes to work so that I am spending the time reading rather than looking at my phone.  I end up feeling more accomplished during the day when I’m reading, and I feel more engaged at work afterwards.


More Mindfulness.  I am hoping that by deleting these apps on my phone, I will be more inclined to tune into myself when I’m feeling low, bored, or feeling the need to procrastinate.  I am hoping that limiting social media will force me to look deeper into those moments when I’m looking for an escape.  I think not being able to go to the distraction of looking through social media will force me to check in and figure out what actually I need, whether that’s actually a break, a nap, to connect with someone, take some deep breaths, or simply to get ready for bed…

More Presence.  Going along with having more mindfulness toward myself and my feelings and my surroundings, I also want to be more present with those around me.  I can so easily become distracted by my phone is there’s a lull in conversation, or if others reach for their phones.  I want to practice staying in the moment and staying fully present for my friends and family, especially as we are entering into the holiday season.



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  1. baorelizabeth says:

    Good morning you amazing, inspiring, totally delightful young woman! You motivate me to stir myself from my tendency to complacency, and stimulate thoughts of how to live more intentionally and altruistically. My life is so full of love, joy and comfort, but increasingly I feel the desire to direct my interest and resources beyond self and family. So far this is at the musing, pondering stage and I am content to stay in this assembling, percolating stage until the new year. I am hoping to have time and opportunity to discuss this impulse with you during my visit in a couple of weeks.

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