Hi!  Thanks so much for checking out my blog!

My name is Alex Scott.   I am a singer/songwriter and music teacher, living in Vancouver, Canada.  Though most of my days revolve around music, I’ve found a lot of joy in another creative outlet: cooking!  I’ve always had a passion for food, or rather, for eating food, and as I’ve been exploring plant-based cooking my passion for cooking and creating recipes has blossomed into something I want to share with others.  I’ve come to make these changes for my health (skin related and digestive issues), the environment and just general wellbeing for myself and others overall.  Over the past year, I’ve transitioned to eating a plant-based vegan diet; focusing on whole foods, locally grown whenever possible, and home cooking, and baking from scratch.  In so doing my excitement for creating in the kitchen everyday has grown immensely.  My journey into plant-based living has also led me to explore other avenues such as minimalism, sustainability and conscious shopping.  I hope to explore these topics more in the future.  My hope in making this blog is to provide myself with an outlet where I can share my recipes, practice food photography, and share things that I learn along the way regarding lifestyle and sustainability.  Through the blog, I’m hoping to connect with like-minded people who have an excitement around home cooking, plant-based recipes, sustainability and creative living in general.  Thanks for taking the time to read and browse around!

Hope you have a great day!